Casting silicone rubber

In a 3D printed mold

I drive a classic car, an Austin A30 to be exact. However because these cars are 60+ years old they require maintenance. Most parts are readily available, although the rubber parts and some panels for these cars can be tricky to obtain. Thankfully owners clubs and parts vendors sometimes spend the cash to have a mold created.

I wanted to try making silicone parts from an 3D printed mold. However I did not want to make just any part. As I said, most parts are available so my criteria where; hidden part (this ensures that even if my parts aren't perfect, they would be usable), the change in material would nog affect the performance of the part.

In the end two candidates remained. The blanking grommet for the heater and the handbrake cover that lives underneath the car. I decided to start with the blanking grommet. The video shows all the steps and for reference the steps are also explained along with pictures below.