My Austin A30

All finished

This is my little Austin A30 from 1955 which I have restored in 2010 with the help of a lot of people including Erik, Hans and Bas (you can find more on this restoration here) I have driven it as a daily car but I am happy to say that I can now leave it standing when the weather isn't that good. Furthermore I have modified it a bit, to make it more safe to drive. The modifications include: seatbelts, A35 style turn indicators, 850cc engine, window mounted radio antenna, Minilight styled rims and the latest addition are front disk brakes.

Make Austin
Model A30 3 door (A2S4)
Production year 1955
Imported (NL) 1980
Approval for public roads 2010
Engine 850cc (late Austin A35 Van)
Color  interior Original Austin Red (from the TG-21-66)
Color  exterior Blue (Ral 5003)
Brakes front Disk (A-H sprite)
Brakes rear Original A30
Turn indicators A30 and A35 style
Wheels Mini lite imitation
Heater Smiths box heater
Carburettor SU AUD 120
Differential 4.22(with modified oil filler plug)
Transmission A30 with A35 internals
Electrical system Alternator, new loom, A35 model