A "Jong ondernemen" - Student Company

The BarTool
This is the "BarTool" it is essentially a revolved 'Normal' beer opener. It was designed and sold by "Nevez" a Student company back in 2004, that me and six other fellow students started. It was part of 'Student company' course at my college (The TH Rijswijk). This is a programme from the 'Stichting Jong Ondernemen' ('Young Entrepreneurs Foundation') that aims to stimulate entrepreneurship among young people.

In the Student Company Course, students start their own company in groups of 4 to 6 people over the course of one academic year. Under the motto "Learning by doing" they get to experience what it is like to run a company and get the opportunity to discover where their talents lie.

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Why another beer opener?
Stock bonds
Special Edition

The future of the BarTool

The programme is also actually a contest in the end we were the winner of the regional finals and got to go though to the finals. We got to meet Diewertje Block which is a prize in itself. However we did not win, we came in second to a group that were selling a tent pole holder. The company was closed down after the finals.