Panhard Rod

Alterations to my A30's rear axle

The setup
Ever since I got my car on the road (2010) I have not been entirely satisfied with the rear suspension. The problem lies in the slightly wider tires that I have. They are fitted to "mini lite" replica wheels and there is simply not a whole lot of room in the wheel well. This has proved to be a problem in tight turns when I have some extra weight to the rear of the Austin. This makes the tire rub on the inside of the wheel well. With slower driving it is certainly possible to drive but this is obviously not ideal. There are of course many ways to address this problem,

1. Grinding down the inner flanges. (has already been done to my car)
2. Bending the flanges inwards (this creates a friendlier edge)
3. Pushing out the wheel arch with a piece of wood and a jack. (would crack my paint job)
4. Constraining sideways movement with a panhard rod.

I have been thinking about and I finally decided that I want to try a panhard rod. My father also enthusiastic about it and together we set the goal to have it finished before the trip to the 2015 International Rally. This also made it possible to have a bit more weight in the car for the trip and this in turn meant that one extra person could come along. Of course I had a number of requirements for this construction. The main requirement was that I did not want too much to change the car itself and that I could undo the alteration without too much effort. With my online research I have seen a lot of panhard rods on similar cars and have also seen a 'kit' that can be purchased. Most of these do require welding to the rear axle to add a mounting point to it. I think this is not the most elegant solution so I dove under the car to devise a removable support.